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100% Intense.

Degrassi: The New Generation

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Hey! This is a community managed by xdarkness_ownsx and brunttcndy.

You can post anything you want here! You don't need to take a quiz to get in, although, to learn a little more about our members, we might put up a quiz/survey, which won't affect your placement in this community. This is a place to post icons, banners, pictures, screen caps, random thoughts or anything.

We do ask, however, that if you feel the need to post spoilers, please put it under a LJ cut, so people who dont wanna know, don;t have to. :o)

Also, so we get to know a little more about our members, we are asking you to do this survey, or, you could just copy and paste your old degrassi_royals survey in here if you already did that. Your not going to be judjed to get into here, we just want to knw a little more about you and your Degrassi "experiences". :o)

Thanks, xox Cate

1. Whats your name?
2. How old are you?
3. What other things are you interested in?
4. Are you in anyother communities, if so, which ones?
5. What is your favorite Degrassi episode and why?
6. Who is your favorite Degrassi character and why?
7. Who is your favorite Degrassi character of the opposite sex, why?
8. What two people make, or will make, the best couple?
9. How long have you been watching Degrassi?
10. Why do you watch Degrassi?
11. If you could change Degrassi, how would you change it?