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1. Whats your name? Tiffany
2. How old are you? 17
3. What other things are you interested in? A lot of anime, photoshop, ddr, computer stuff, and especially harry potter. :)
4. Are you in anyother communities, if so, which ones? I'm in a lot, just look at my journal to see the big list, because I don't want to say all of them.
5. What is your favorite Degrassi episode and why? My favorite episode was the one where they all had Saturday detention. It reminded me a bit of "The Breakfast Club"
6. Who is your favorite Degrassi character and why? My favorite character is Ashley, because she's very much like me, and people generally like who's like them, right?
7. Who is your favorite Degrassi character of the opposite sex, why? My favorite character of the opposite sex would have to be Marco. Too bad he's gay...
8. What two people make, or will make, the best couple? Spinner and Paige. They were total opposites, and I never expected them to hook up, but they did.
9. How long have you been watching Degrassi? About two years now. I can't watch right now because I'm in college for the summer and we don't get The N.
10. Why do you watch Degrassi? I used to hate it, but now I love it because it tackles so many issues important to teens.
11. If you could change Degrassi, how would you change it? I would make it so people would stop picking on Marco just because he's gay. It makes me mad.
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