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hey im new

1. Whats your name? Molly
2. How old are you? 16
3. What other things are you interested in? cheerleading, movies, degrassi(obviously)
4. Are you in anyother communities, if so, which ones? no im not
5. What is your favorite Degrassi episode and why? rock and roll high school, becuase i love the song ashley sings!! but i love them all
6. Who is your favorite Degrassi character and why? girls it would probably be ellie, becuase shes really different and i think shes beautiful and awesome
7. Who is your favorite Degrassi character of the opposite sex, why? CRAIG becuase hes goregous and i love him and his voice..ohhh hes sexy
8. What two people make, or will make, the best couple? craig and ashley, but she just needs to forgive him already!
9. How long have you been watching Degrassi? about a year now
10. Why do you watch Degrassi? becuase poeple can relate to the story and the characters and i get into and i LOVE it
11. If you could change Degrassi, how would you change it? show "accidents will happen" in the US becaue i really want to see it!!!!! but other than that nothing!
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